Top 20 Foods to Buy at Costco

what to buy at costco

Like many of you, I’m a huge Costco fan.

But I have a feeling you’ll agree that it’s hard to leave the place without…

  1. spending a ton of money
  2. buying things you don’t need
  3. getting tempted by the latest goodie or packaged food


So I always head to Costco with a list. A list of mostly healthy, whole-foods items that we eat with frequency. This helps me reduce our  costs, food waste and the number of impulse items I buy.

Here are 20 of the foods I frequently buy at Costco, most of which are available nationwide. Costco also stocks many amazing regional products but I made a point of listing items that are widely sold.

I’d love to hear your own favorites too!

top 20 foods to buy at costco

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