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7 Ways I’ve Kept Weight Off for Good

I haven’t always been thin. Like many girls, I struggled with weight and poor body image throughout high school and college, until one day in my mid-20’s I just got sick of it. Once I realized that obsessing about my weight and body was time-consuming, exhausting, and unproductive, I decided to stop. Worrying had never positively impacted my

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20 Ways to Detox Your Body and Mind

The idea that you can “detox” your body from the damage caused by overindulgence in food and drink is a false one. Just because a juice cleanse or extreme diet gives you diarrhea or makes you feel hungry all the time does not mean your body is “shedding” all the bad stuff you did to it.

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5 Nutrition Myths To Ignore

There are a million food myths floating around the internet. Here are five of the ones I hear most frequently, busted! 1. Juice cleanses help rid your body of toxins. Why people believe this: Dieters may believe if they’re experiencing diarrhea or extreme hunger, their body must be shedding bad stuff. But the opposite is true. Cleanse

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